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Our free directory and information portal guide you through the best financial resources and economy sites in the Nordic Region. We gather data and create listings which helps businesses as well as private households find financial help, advice and other services to match their needs.

Digitization is key to promote growth and inclusion, with we want to create a uniform platform for the northern countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, enabling neighboring people to access cross-border financial services.

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Latest update 2019-07-22

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Please bare with us, this site is under development and currently undergoing beta-testing.

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The main focus for is to provide individuals and businesses with free and quality sources of financial nature.

Globalization has the largest effect on employment, businesses, economies and transportation. But a free market economy also put great demands on information and communication, in recent years the Scandinavian countries have welcomed quite a large number of refugees and immigrants as well as opened up the Nordic market for foreign migrant workers, the vast majority of whom don’t speak the native language. This in turn means that providing information in Scandinavian languages only won’t be sufficient, that is the main reason to why we choose to create in English. Another reason to this is that Finnish is a completely different language then the Swedish, danish and Norwegian languages.

However, even with a “backbone” created in English, naturally also want to reach and provide non-English-speaking locals in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with great financial services and economy resources, thus we also want to create local/regional directories with information in the countries local languages.

We want to maintain a high standard, that is why all new entries submitted to our directory are handpicked, carefully researched and added manually through human editing. Feel free to browse through our categories and provide us with suggestions financial resources and sites that could be put under consideration for inclusion, but please note that we put the bar for inclusion very high to ensure that maintain the highest possible overall quality.

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